Need a Timed IQ test that auto sends to an email when time is out.

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    We need weed out bad interviews by having them do an IQ test prior to their interview.

    I need a timed IQ test for a page within our company website.

    Here's what I need it to do.

    1. Potential employee logs onto secret locked page within our company website (built on wordpress) with a password.

    2.) Enter their information (name and phone number probably) and hit start.)

    3.) They then have X amount of time to complete the IQ test. We want them to see the timer counting down so they are under pressure. There should be enough questions that it would be impossible to complete the IQ test in time.

    4.) When the timer is up, it needs to automatically send the results to the designated staff email right away.

    This test is to give us a good idea of their IQ level and also to make them feel a little like they failed the test before they go in for their interview.

    I would also need you to come up with the questions. You can copy and paste those from other tests, but you need to make sure that the email would notify us if they got the question right or wrong.

    I also need one Essay style question too so we can get an idea of their typing and English skills.

    The test does need to have a nice interface and match the theme of the website. Also, the email that it sends needs to be readable and not jumbled and we should be able to quickly scan it to see how the potential employee did.

    Need this done ASAP, so place your bids..