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    Hi Guys,
    here is my question: i need a small Code/Gadget for WP Sites. i saw before a lot, but today im in need of and i cant find any of them :)
    So, Here what i need: This Gadget, i need to install on my WP URL, and after each Visiting, needs to show an Number on Screen. i'll give you an example to understand what i mean... :

    For ex: a visitor goes to my Page, and he need to stay there for x time after this he needs to see a Number like 1234567** (can be letters).
    If the same visitor goes to another page on my URL, again, after X time he needs to get his Personal Identification Number 123*****(or letters)...

    X= time, and needs to be RANDOM, with Min. and Max Setup
    123**** = ID and needs to be different for each and every Visitor/Page

    Please Help me with this, if somebody can and want...

    If you know somewhere free, just give the adress, or if you want to COde, PM the amount of BEER YOU WANT :)

    Thank You
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