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    So here's the thing, I have a tool to send PM to vbulletin forum. But I have difficulties on locating vbulletin forum that allow new user to PM and see the member list.

    So I need a person to search for vbulletin forum that have this qualifications?
    1. New user can send PM
    2. New user can see the member list
    3. the member list url have to be like this:
    4. or at least if you type that member list url, you will see member list, not some error page
    5. I'm on diet niche, so these vbulletin forum have to be on diet niche, hence you have to use this search string: "Powered by vbulletin" + diet

    I need 5 vbulletin forum to mass PM. For this job I will offer $5 or you can test drive this PM tool (one forum).

    Thank you.
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    I recommend trying, I get my market research done there, you will probably get a list of forums at around $1 per forum
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