Need a serp how too !!

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    This is going to have to be really toned down for a retard farm boy . So when you post or try to give some advice please keep tha in mind . I am not an elite haxxor or whatever you guys call it . I am not good period with websites . Which is why till recently I have kept my business soley on ebay .

    I have a term in which i would like to rank for hopefully number 1 . There are wellll over 3 million results when you type in this term . The term ?
    targeted traffic

    This term gets aprox about 310k searches a month or more . I actually have a list of keywords I want to rank for .

    web traffic
    pay per click
    targeted traffic
    site traffic
    web site traffic
    web promotion
    website traffic
    website promotion
    increase traffic
    buy traffic
    site targeted traffic
    targeted web site traffic
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    increase web traffic
    get traffic
    submit link
    increase web site traffic
    more traffic
    targeted email
    targeted marketing
    increase website traffic
    targeted advertising
    buy web traffic
    cheap traffic
    guaranteed traffic
    website visitors
    adult traffic
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    buy hits
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    increase targeted traffic
    free targeted traffic
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    purchase traffic
    quality traffic
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    targeted visitors
    wholesale traffic
    generate web site traffic
    traffic swarm
    adult web traffic
    guaranteed visitors
    guaranteed targeted traffic
    get more web site traffic
    how to get more traffic
    submission directories
    targeted internet traffic
    adult web site traffic
    get targeted traffic
    buy visitors
    bulk traffic
    buy guaranteed web site traffic
    buy internet traffic
    increase site surf traffic web
    targeted hits
    targeted visitor
    us targeted traffic
    buy adult traffic
    purchase site targeted traffic web
    targetted traffic
    adult targeted traffic
    purchase website traffic
    guaranteed targeted visitors
    cheap targeted traffic
    targeted unique visitors
    buying targeted traffic
    get targeted visitors
    guaranteed adult traffic
    guaranteed targeted web site traffic
    keyword targeted traffic
    targeted online traffic
    targeted unique traffic

    I tried traffic huricane I think it was by larry hall it does not work on my server . It was installed by them and everything else . Anyone else have any ideas ? I do not want to be number one 6 months down the road . Maybe 10 days tops . If someone anyone has a step by step guide from going 3 million to number 1 in 10 days or has any idea how to do that this dumb farm boy would love you forever .

    Please keep this to things I can do myself without having to pay anyone else to do it for me . PLEASE!! I beg of you!!
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    lol he's high
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    Apr 9, 2008
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    Hehe no not sure how these things work is all . Ok if it is not possible how is it possible to get some of that search engine traffic without adwords or ppc ?

    BTW I am laughing my arse off right now . HIGH hahaha . Good one . Never thought I would see someone say that in some forums .

    Bazarly enough if you want to hear something funny I rank number one for search term targeted visitors daily in google.
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