need a search engine like google,but the user can view unlimited pages

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    Aug 6, 2008
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    i want a search engine, it can use the same results as google,however google only elts you search upto 1000 results, i would like mine being able to let the user see unlimtied results

    also, if you could install the script, i would pay for that too

    then, i would need a parser for it, so i can quickly grab just links from the pages, and not the text, or jsut have it default that the search engine only displays links

    i would basically need a way to grab 2 million+ links from google very quickly

    The design can be super crap, as i only need it for my own personal use

    the reason behind all this, is i have a search term i can enter that will bring up blog posts on google,but currently i can only view upto 1000 results, i want to grab a lsit of the 2 million + blogs that google wotn elt me access

    anyone know if this is even possible?thanks