need a project manager type of person

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    I have a method that I have down pretty well, I am having trouble finding the right outsourcers to ramp it up. Basically, I will pay you to find and manage outsourcers for the project. I will pay them as well as you weekly, you can earn on a per sign up basis, you should be able to make 500 a week no problem posting some CL ads and managing outsourcers. If you 1) have the ability to post ads on CL without issues (I do it every day, its just part of the method, if you can't figure out how to change your IP and keep the ads fresh and sticky, this isnt for yo'u, but i can help you with it) 2) Have the ability to find outsourcers who will work cheap on a per sent email basis type of deal 3) speak perfect English please!

    Once you have yourself setup you could be making several hundred a week for little work, I am looking for 2 people to do this with...PM me with your contact details please!!