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    hey guys , I've started up my first YT + CB "project" . heres the short story which will have u dissing me like hell im sure :) but here it goes .

    so I found a niche alfter doing a keyword reaserch and aprox conversation .
    I took someones video from YT on my niche . basically I even took its discription .
    I sent some fake views , subscribers , likes , made fiew comments crom different acc's on it .
    took 5 day GSA trial and started building backlinks .

    To my opinion what i did wrong was , basicaly everything from the beggining and im sure ull agree with it . But I was keen to know if that can work . I wanted to see if you can put any crap to rank 1 on YT . I've got 1 k backlinks in 3 days with the gsa . The video seems to be getting a little up , but far from what I was expecting . I did a little reading and as far as I understood , spaming backlinks to youtube is not much of a harm , not like using it on web page and expecting to be thrown out on the page 1 of google .

    my compettitor on rank 1 has only 5 backlinks and only 3 k views with like few likes or subscribers . Maybe it's just waiting game now ?

    So , If I used my own hand written unique discription on that video maybe that would make a difference in ranking ? Would it make any difference if the video itself was unique ? I've seen alot of guys rank YT with same video some one else has .

    What should I do to rank 1 in YT ?
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