need a php YII Framework programmer to continue development of a working webportal

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    Oct 28, 2012
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    1000-2500 USD for the project - The original programmer who wrote the system is not available - we need someone who can fix bugs in the system and build a few new modules and to continue working with us long term supporting and upgrading the system - we would like to spend a few hundred dollars per month on upgrading and fixing the system as we are launching. We are a small company - the web site is not generating a lot of profits yet. We need someone who will understand what we are trying to do and can do this on their own without our interference. We are expecting about 4-5 different web sites / modules to be operating together within the same portal all interchangeable - the main modules / sites are already designed and built. You should have a lot of free time - and love for programming and good knowledge of PHP knowledge of the YII Framework is a big plus.

    able to work for very cheap and get a lot of work accomplished? We would be glad to increase the pay rate as our system begins to generate more revenues - but for now - we can afford very little - and we really need a lot of work. We need someone who loves this type of work - and has the free time to do it.