Need a mobile template for movies and songs downloading website.

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    Hi There,
    I?m starting a new project aka a website basically for mostly mobile traffic. My website is for downloading songs and movies from my website which I will host on my own servers. So basically its like a user visits my site and download anything he want to without anything that pisses him/her off like we see on file hosts.
    This site will be for mobile so no fancy styling I need just simple design that loads fast. Now the most important part. I?ll be adding ads also on the site so template must got support for mobile banner ads IM ads and Pop-under ads.
    The homepage must have different sections for say songs, movies etc. Also it should have something via which I can easily add new content with ease like a new movie I?ve to add.
    I really don?t know in which language is the site has been made but I Can see PHP in all the URLs
    I?m posting some screen of a website that I liked its basic style.

    Note: If I?ve posted this thread in wrong section then apologies and I request to move it to correct section [​IMG]
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    As per your post I am not sure what exactly you want like, do you want only design or also want development in PHP or wordpress? Because the pricing should be depend on that. For more details can discuss through Skype. My Skype: seoindiaorg.

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