Need A Marketer & Musician w/Experience in FL Studio Who Wants To Make $$$

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    I'm looking for a "dream" partner with a rare set of skills. Who can match my own experience to a certain degree.

    If you're this person, I will personally work with you one-on-one. To build a small, but truly great & targeted music site. At best, something that could double, triple, or maybe even quadruple our revenue. The worst this can be is another passive, but long term income stream.

    I love >>>experimenting. I am a nerd. I love filtering, tweaking, engineering things in new or better ways that people love.

    I also have a degree in psych, more than 10 years experience reading and applying NLP. I'm pretty well versed on psychology and human behavior.

    This is NOT for everybody and hence I need to be real picky about who I work with.

    1) FL Studio, I have 14+ years experience with the program.
    2) Reason, 95% of the time we won't need it but I have over 10 years experience with it.
    3) I can write and produce professional music.
    4) I have a keen instinct, awareness and taste for "hot beats" (more on this later).
    5) Between 12-18 I had 6 years of formal piano lessons & training. With that said, I don't teach or do much of anything in a formal way.
    6) I have a proper home studio valued in the LOW 5 figure range.
    7) I fucking love music.

    Additional notes:

    • I have old, trusted accounts on many music sites. On FL Studios forums I registered back in 2001. However, I didn't really start posting online till around 2004.
    • Lots of people known my name on music forums. Not cause I'm cool or popular just because I've built relationships over the years.
    • I've posted easily 1000+ hours of personal work, tracks, etc over the years and had my asshole repeatedly torn to pieces.
    • I'd say that last point is one of the most important "skills" I have.

    Before I got into marketing I spent LOTS of time in the studio & on music forums. I was a typical "poor musician" back then. For a looong time I sucked on the engineering side of things. Every single time I posted a track I targeted certain great producers to insult. I'd intentionally piss off the better producers so they'd really dig into and criticize my shit. Like 10xs worse than the effect you get on YT if you post any bad shit.

    So if I post anything in public these days, my brain knows which 7 to keep private and which 3 will truly inspire / get the least amount of criticism.

    Let's Get To Business ...

    As passionate as I am about music I'm both a marketer and a realist. It takes A LOT of time in the studio to make really good, original beats. And I have a lot as it is. BUT, I'll be applying a twist for efficiency.

    Note: Please don't ask for my soundcloud, youtube or facebook. That's like asking to see one of my money sites. I'll share a zip instead.

    I'm gonna run through a list of opinions & opinions disguised as "facts" so you gain a better understanding of my mindset.

    Fact #1 - FL Studio is very popular. The last poll I saw more people are buying & using FL Studio than any other sequencer on the market.

    Fact #2 - As much as people torrent and steal shit, producers are crackheads. They will spend money they don't have on things (samples, kits, tutorials, synths) they can't afford.

    Fact #3 - Encase you haven't figured, my target market is FL Studio noob & amateur producers (to a lesser extent pros).

    Fact #4 - Although I may do it down the road, I will NOT be selling samples, kits, loops, software, etc.

    Fact #5 - Although producers buy samples, kits, loops, vsts, software, etc.... there is 1 thing that excites them more than anything. That they will pay good money for.

    Fact #6 - That "thing" that excites them is the purest form of intellectual property in music. A compatible zip with the original file.

    Fact #7 - When you first buy FL Studio, you will more than likely find these immediately and not be very pleased with the scope, genre or quality.

    Fact #8 - What's equally as powerful as these files is a person who can explain what's in them in an exciting way. Like opening an xmas gift.

    Fact #9 - Most producers really aren't obsessed with the "how" or parameters. They're more obsessed with the why.

    Fact #10 - Musicians love Future Music Magazine interviews. It's one of the closest ways to see how a pro works in real life. And these producers sometimes get specific. But there's a whole dimension to these interviews that music producers hate. It would take long to explain but I wanna capitalize on this.

    Fact #11 -
    There are many insecure, young, inexperienced, random producers who make incredible tracks, release the rights for free, then their video, forum post, w/e gets buried 100 pages deep so noone ever finds, hears or sees the awesome track or beat they made.

    Fact #12 - I've been stealing, downloading, bookmarking, building, evolving and remixing these for years. Obviously along with my own music.

    Think about this.... what do producers TRULY crave?

    What are they REALLY looking for when they buy samples, loops, synths, etc?

    They want a hub of creativity & inspiration.

    I'm gonna provide that hub in the form of a site that's filtered down with simple, but awesome music that will INSPIRE producers. Inspiration is priceless. What I want to do is organize & monetize what I've already been doing for years, mining beats. And this is why I'd like a partner. I will continue scouring the web & mining gold both from and for producers. Although I'll be using my own work, I'll be taking crude work from other people, organize it, refine it, repackage it, then release it ONLY IF it's good enough for mass consumption (and legal). Weird artsy shit will get ignored. It can be used sparsely after the site has a regular following.

    Even if the music isn't a genre you like, producers can appreciate "Accidental Raw Talent".

    People only get pissed if you're an idiot. If you steal licensed work from popular artists then try to flaunt it as your own. We won't be doing that. But we all have those odd moments of perfection where we do something great. We felt it at the time, it inspired people. But due to life or a thousand other reasons that creativity, that catalyst for inspiration got buried. It collected dust. Its been hibernating somewhere in the deep web for years.

    Anyway, I have a few dozen names for the site already. 3 that are great 1 I really like.

    There are various ways to monetize this. Most likely I'll give people a taste in the form of an extended tutorial-demo, lock & charge for the rest.
    My goal is QUALITY, not quantity.

    For starters, 20-30 awesome, full complete tracks packaged for mass consumption. In the most basic, most popular genres.
    Maybe 50+ pages that are beat oriented. Like 4, 8 or 16 bar productions.
    There's more that can be done. But my goal is simple, professional, outstanding quality music.
    Everything will be branded & presented very professionally.

    One last thing. I could have wrote a few lines with specific examples showing exactly what I'm doing. But I don't want certain examples in public. As there are some people who've done this for other sequencers but failed for obvious reasons. They didn't fail to make money mind you. They just failed to do some very basic things from day 1. Things I will not be neglecting.

    If you wanna get involved, send me a message.

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