Need A Marketer for a Very Lucrative Business

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    May 23, 2011
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    I need someone that can generate high quality leads.

    I have access to a quant model that a hedge fund uses and it generates excellent trade ideas. I want to diversify my trading account so that not too many trades are piggybacked.

    Hence I need to generate leads of individuals that have financial trading accounts i.e. access to equity, forex, debt, or commodity futures markets.

    That would be your job. To market and generate leads. I can close the customer.

    To recap

    You would

    1) Market generate leads
    2) Have a method to accept wire transfers (you would get the money first)

    I would

    1) Sell/Close the lead (i.e. convert the lead to a client)
    2) Continue to communicate with lead/client and give them new trade ideas.

    This is 100% above board, but aggressive sales tactics will of course be used. That is my job.

    In terms of how lucrative...median income per client should be about $10k. Some will be huge, some will be small, median is $10k.

    On that 10K we can split it 40% you and 60% me.

    Please PM me to talk further.