Need A Logo / Domain Name Idea!

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    Here's an overview of what the request is:

    The concept: A web design, marketing and seo business package for small companies and independent entrepreneurs.

    I am having designer's block and can't be inspired at the moment so I am willing to pay for a catchy logo and catchy domain name idea as well. I would like the logo colors to incorporate a lighter green with darker blue for contrast. Or a burnt orange with white and lighter yellow. Sorry if i'm being really specific, just trying to weed out some questions. Continuing on, the logo must NOT have letters in it. It could be a cool character or an abstract symbol or something as simple as shapes. If it inspires you further, a domain name idea would be great as I will throw a couple of extra dollars if you give me a .com name idea.

    Must be designed in Photoshop!!

    A link to your portfolio would be exceptional.