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Need a little suggestion/idea about youtube with adwords

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by bruno0, Mar 12, 2016.

  1. bruno0

    bruno0 Junior Member

    Apr 30, 2015
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    Internet marketing
    So , I have a few old advertising coupon accounts of Google Adwords.
    the accounts are totally working great without any problem. These accounts have $100 preloaded balance. and these are 5 years old created in those good days.
    Now i know ranking your videos are harder. Once you rank them , you can make good money with Adsense right.
    Anybody has any experience or idea to use Adwords and Youtube altogether?
    i have seen an old thread where a guy used to create videos then promote them for some views on Adwords, and once it has enough views from Adwords, it gets viral. i just need some idease and suggestions