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Need a little guidence have 4 weeks free time

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by kopmjj, Jan 6, 2010.

  1. kopmjj

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    Jul 11, 2009
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    Hello gals and guys i need some help as i have been working all this time but now out of a job and may take 4 weeks or so to get a new job.
    im from uk london and i have been registered for a while but gave up before as things wasnt working and then i got a job and had no time.

    Anyways i want to know how i can take advantage of my free time and need a little guidance along the way (not spoon fed) to help me achieve my goal of $50 per day at least.

    i have read this forum and found 1 or 2 things that may work.

    1. i have joined sharcash and so far i only got 1 download in 2 weeks lol.
    2. i have tried AC article writing thing like advertising for writers and they give me sample articals etc but out of 15 articles (waited a week) i got none accepted, i did make 4 accounts and all from US as i used i think bueneo to confirm phone and verification number.
    so i gave up on that but im still reading some people are still making money is this outdated now? or shall i try again? does it still work?

    3. i read about cpa etc but never done this before so i have no experiance at all in this so any help on this is appreciated. im from uk so any decent websites you guys know? and how do i egister etc?

    4. i have tried dropshipping on ebay before and was getting raped by egay fees and gaypal fees so wasnt worth it making £2 profit and lots of hassel.

    5. i have looked at Alibaba website for wholesale stuff and found some items that are hot and can make £10 profit per item, but its hard to trust them as i hear most people are scams, are the gold members scammers? do they get there rep on merit?

    so my goal is to make enough money to buy products from Alibaba and make money but thats my long term goal, my short term is to make the money from those i mentioned above and possibly other ideas you guys have so i can use that money on buying wholesale products.

    i have and will not use any off my money to invest, so im gonna use sharecash for that.

    just need some fresh and new ideas on these money making programs, i dont expect to make $50 on each method, but my aim is to make $10 on 5 methods a day so $50 per day using 5 methods, any more and its a bonus. as you can see my expectation is quite low and relistic i think.

    any ideas on the above will be great, if you have any free ebooks than its a bonus but i will not buy anything.

    oh also i have like 8 hours a day free time, as i told myself this time i will give it my best go so i will work like a robot.

    i have nothing to lose since im not investing any money but just need some good ideas. thanks for reading.

    oh also any method you guys recommend has to be paid via paypal so it make things easy thanks.
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    Feb 11, 2009
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    Feb 21, 2009
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