Need a little advice on a website monetization.

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    Hi, guys! So, I have a site, that used to make around 100 visitors per day. Then the Penguin 2.1 has come and drop it from 1 position for the KW to outside top 100. So it does for all the other words, and even if I type "" in the search it does not come up with any results. I've used to have only a few links. Never done LB to it. I do not know why it is punished, but this is another story.

    So, despite of the Penguin, I still rank for a couple of images. Those images have over 70,000 daily searches each from around the world, and I am ranked from first to fifth place for all of them.

    This is georgeous amount of impressions, but I need a suggestion - how to use those ranking results to drive traffic? Or how to combine them with any money making method?

    Cheers, guys :)