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    Hello there, this is my first searching for a worker here on Elance and I am hoping to find a longterm quality product review writer. I am running multiple niche websites which are financed by affiliate association with Amazon.The writing needed is spread out over different categories, included but not limited to niches like gym training equipment, mens clothing and home decoration.

    Looking for quality english, without any grammar errors as well usage of niche related keywords. Most important is that it is very converting. You going to write a product review. I will provide a product link and a focusing keyword. The writing needs to be very keyword niche target specific. The content should not only be quality SEO work but also very user-friendly. You need to check out what people are looking for in that specific niche, then write about the problem and why it needs to be solved. Then show how it can be solved by using the product.

    Please make the product part of the article related to how the product can help the user to solve the related niche problem. Also show how this specific product is better than it's concurrent by using competitive product names.
    For every 500 word article, use the keyword in text naturally 8 times which gives a keyword density of 1.6%. Altho not necessarily, preferably a native speaking. There will be a lot of content that needs to be created and the bulk price will be around 2.5$ per 500 word article.

    For more information add my skype: WebKnowledge
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