Need a handful of good affiliates to test, up to 40% per order ($1500+ a month)

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    Have some established products/services and sites I'm marketing and I want to expand. Looking to set up proper affiliate programs but still testing. Have done some minor tests with a few virtual assistants on fiverr and payouts, etc were smooth but they were individuals I gave all the marketing tools to and they were not able to always properly follow directions or maintain the types of ad campaigns I showed them, and I had to step back in and take over when earnings started to slip. Attached are the results after I stepped back in....and thats not my personal best either.

    Its not hard if you follow my methods/advice, and if you are already experienced and have your own methods even better. What I do isn't anything fancy.



    Either way I'm looking for some proper affiliates, you can either use your own sources of traffic/software or you can use the methods/software provided.

    These earnings come from a few different sites/products but they are all routine packages that you can sell that you will know our earnings on, if something does end up being a custom order/price u will still get between 30-40%

    I want to keep this trial small (3-10 affiliates at most) and if all goes well I want to build a proper affiliate program up around it. Only these first few will be getting 40% on each order, once a proper system is set up those commissions will likely be less.

    Its mainly small business services traffic (web design, graphic design, photography/photo editing, video production/editing, various forms of IM like SEO, bulk mailing, classifieds postings)

    and work from home/learn internet marketing opportunities (access to ebooks, vid tutorials, coaching) traffic that will bring you these type of results or better with my established products/sites.

    Packages that routinely sell are as follows


    You would get 40% of each order you send our way. Depending on the type of traffic you can either have them checkout via our order pages or contact us for a custom quote/invoice, just let me know which type of methods you think your traffic will favor. I'll set up custom checkout pages for each specific affiliate and if you like your results and you bring good results I'm up for increasing the commissions to 50% and also cutting you in on larger sales/products.

    PM or email me at [email protected]

    I look forward to working with some of you guys.
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