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    i need a free web hosting site that I can use as a php redirection site to hide the referrer. All I need is for it to support php and have a big bandwidth. I've searched around on google for such a site and I am getting fed up with all of these fucking shitty sites. I think I have signed up for like 20 now with no result.. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks

    P.S. I need a site where you can just edit/upload straight html so I can edit the master html file. Thanks.
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    Back in the day i used...

    Code: (Hard signup process) (In my girlfriends words "A pig of a website")
    Prob x10 is easiest. Just with these free signup things they lead you in friggin circles over and over again. But ive used them before and been absolutely fine.
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    Well, I guess if it just hosting, Godaddy has free hosting if you buy a domain from them. They put an ad at the top of the site, but there are ways to hide it. That's what I did.
    If you are not about buying a domain, that's fine, but with their free hosting, you can do ANYTHING, unlike others who give you a good deal on a free site, but require you to upgrade for many functions.
    I am going to buy a domain from them and use subdomains to do all of my redirects, landing pages, etc.
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