Need a Firefox imacro or whatever BOT that can save page with firefox

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    How do I save html page with iMacro

    This is the page I wanna save its html source code.

    I wanna get the url list as similar as my php code
    Then after get the url list, i wanna run a for loop and

    URL GOTO=value[0]

    then value[1] etc.. loop through all the page and save the page

    My iMacro script is something like this:
    Payment : $15 - Paypal

    Send me the code after you done and I will test it. Provide me your paypal address also.
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    Your php code has a user function (inbtwn) which I would have to look into. I also think you're looking for the links on the wrong div (rightside). Anyway I'm send you a PM.