need a facebook password

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    hi all,

    i realise BHW wouldnt be the standard forum to ask for this on, so if this thread breaks any rules please just remove it - not meaning to cause any hassle.

    ive tried hacking forums and got no results - i just need to find out the facebook password of an existing account, that's all, and wondered if someone on here would know how to do that.

    the user is web experienced so its unlikely they would answer a fake email from facebook to get their password. they use a mac so also unlikely that sending a keylogger would be that great an option because a) i have no control over their computer/access and b) most keyloggers dont work for mac if im right

    anyway this is a paid job if anyone wants to get that pass for me. totally unrelated to SEO but i thought i would give it a try. any takers please pm me
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    Yep, wrong forum :)