Need a custom webbased DATING application

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    hi guys..i'm based in the UK and i have just come up with an idea to a webbased application for the UK casual sex niche (PERVY MEN & HORNY GUYZ LOOKING SEX ONLINE) i want some one to develop a simple applicatin based on the top 50 sex sites in the uk (i will give u the urls) and i need the app to do the following.

    a user enters their details once (registers for free ofcourse)..and the app co-registers them to all the sites available on my system. the user then just clicks on any site to check whats available, browse and so on...
    when users upgrade and make a payment to any site..then i get PAID an affiliate commission from the joined site. is that doable..if so can u please let me know the $$$ and the turn arround??
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