Need a Coder for creating an Affiliate Program

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    I need a coder for my project. My budget is $500. I pay you $200 at the beginning and $300 when you are done.

    Here are some details.

    We are planning to have an e-commerce website with affiliate features and order tracking system. We want to give people the opportunity to list their items for sale. It is going to be like EBay with all its cart features like add to cart, coupons, private messaging, product rating, members rating, advanced search options, member?s stores but it is not going to be an auction website.

    The product owner who lists his item will be asked if he wants to participate in the affiliate program. If he wants to participate in the affiliate program as a product owner (advertiser), he will be asked to upload his product banner (jpeg, gif format) or text banner with title and description. He also will be asked to setup the commission rates that he would like to pay his publishers if there is a sale. (Pay per sale, pay per click, pay per view). These banners will be available for those who want to publish that specific product in their websites to earn commissions (publishers). When a member displays the product page, he will be able to see and get the html affiliate code to put in his website. He also will preview the banner. After the member gets the affiliate code and put it his website, the product banner which was uploaded by the product owner or text banner will be shown with affiliate id link on the publisher website. These banners will be linked to directly to that specific product. This affiliate html banner codes will not be visible to the visitors. It only will be visible to the members when they display the product page. And product owner (advertiser) will have the option to make it available to the all members or he will select and approve the publisher. When the sale is made successfully, then the product owner (advertiser) will pay his publisher based on the commission rates that he set when he listed the item.

    If you are able to do this and want learn the rest please contact me. I have 5 pages detail about this project. Every detail is described. I don't want to share it since it is a very unique project.