Need a Bot Programmer for LinkedIn and Hi5

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    I need someone to create 2 different bots for me

    This first is a bot that will automatically add connections on LinkedIn.

    The functionality will work like this:

    1) I navigate to a group that I want to add connections from
    2) The bot automatically adds connections from that group (up to a number I set in the bot)
    3) The bot recognizes people that have already been added through the bot or I'm already connected with, and skips them
    4) It has a built in delay that I can set in the bot to emulate a human

    The second bot is an image scraper for Hi5. This bot will work like this:

    1) I have a list of profile URL's I want the bot to scrape all of the images from (txt file or other, doesnt really matter)
    2) The bot takes each profile URL and scrapes all of the full sized images from the profile and saves them to my hardrive.
    3) Each time a new profile is started, the bot creates a new folder on my hard drive to store all of the images from that profile in.
    4) When each image is saved, it will be renamed to something sequential (image1, image2, image3, etc...)

    If this is something you can do, please send me a PM with a separate bid for each bot. Let me know if you have built bots like this before, how much it will cost, and how long it will take you to create.

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    I am working on his project