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    Call me sad for using a website like this but I need to impress this network and the best way of doing it is views. I need a boosting website where you like/subscribe/follow random accounts in exchange for points/tokens/credits that you can use to promote your own accounts and videos.

    I am aware of youlikehits > This website boosts in YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud, Pinterest and all sorts but it is a very slow website and has many errors. For example it will not give me the points even though I subbed/likes/followed and when it claims a video got 300 views, socialblade gives me a different story.

    Then I also tried a website called ************ > This is the best website so far. No lag problems! They know what they are doing from an SEO point of view. And you can even claim points while away from your computer (it jumps from one website to the other while you claim points) However this website does not fully specialize in YouTube and is more of a blog, website, twitter one.

    I need a website like ************ but they are good with youtube. Any links?
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