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    I have a site thats going after a few kws. Well a couple months ago it finally hit first page, then it disappeared in the rankings for all KWs. At the PR update it came back stonger. Then a week or two later it disappeared from the rankings again. Well today it came back again stronger. Its making a few dollars not much yet, but I would like to keep it on first page of course. :)

    Any advice on what I should do?

    1. Its all mostly original content
    2. I would say the backlinks are about 50% article directories and the other 50% are web 2.0, profile, comments, wiki and book marking.
    3. I would say that I dont have any real white hat backlinks for this site.
    4. I didnt deversify the anchors enough the first sink, then I blasted alot of long tail anchors, random anchors, and other stuff.
    5. Its not an emd
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    Keep building more backlinks to main homepage and inner pages .