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Need a Basic Desktop Application

Discussion in 'Hire a Freelancer' started by MichiganManiac, May 8, 2009.

  1. MichiganManiac

    MichiganManiac Regular Member

    Feb 2, 2009
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    I need a SUPER simple desktop application created. When executed the application will RANDOMLY select a hotkey stroke combination from a predefined list and enter it as if I had entered it myself right on the keyboard. We'll refer to the app as "RandomStroke" for this post.

    Here's the detailed version of what I want to happen:

    1) RandomStroke.exe is a self-contained app that can be run from the desktop. It sits on the desktop (or in a folder, or wherever you put it) as an icon that can be executed on clicking.

    2) When RandomStroke.exe is executed it opens a box that has two choices. Choice a) is "Run" and Choice b) is "Setup"

    3) If the "Setup" Button is selected a box is opened where you can enter a series of keystorke combinations. You can enter one keystork combo per line. So if you want the program to select from "Ctrl+5" and "Ctrl+9" and "Ctrl+J" you enter those values one per line.

    Below the box will be a "Save" Button. When the save button is pushed the value box is closed and you are left with the choices of "Run" or "Setup"

    4) If the "Run" button is selected, the program will randomly choose one of the keystroke combos from the list created in the "Setup" step and execute it as if the keys had been pressed on the keyboard itself.

    Multiple versions of this self-contained app should be able to exist on the desktop at the same time under different names. So I should be able to have:

    RandomStroke-1.exe - which is loaded with keystroke combos Ctrl+Y, Ctrl+U, and Ctrl+9

    RandomStroke-2.exe - which is loaded with keystroke combos Alt+?, Alt+&, Alt+$

    RandomStroke-3.exe - which is loaded with keystoke combos Ctrl+2, Ctrl+7, Ctrl+4

    Creating a new instance of the app should be as simple as copying the original and pasting a new copy and then renaming it at which piont you would then relaunching the app, clicking the "Setup" button and changing the specified keyword combos for the new instance of the app.

    This should be super simple to do and I'm guessing it would take a programer no more than 2 hrs to do.