Need 500-600 votes in a contest that requires email registation and fresh proxies

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    I'm currently in a competition that I will require 500-600 votes. The thing is I will need these votes to be spread out as to not raise any flags during the competition. Also the proxies that are used must be uniform in the sense that the votes coming from these specific places and not raise any flags( meaning one vote can't come from India and then another immediately from Russia) Ideally it would be for someone who has a ton of United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany....etc proxies. Email registration is required to vote for the competition. It was tried before with spoofing the email registation and it looked like that backfired, so it might be a good idea to actually have said email address'. In PM's I will provide the link to the competition as I wouldn't like it to be public knowledge. Let me know your pricing, Thank you!
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