Need 250 votes by 6/30 - whats best way to promote?

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    My cousin is trying to make this happen so that she can earn the services of this company for free which would be a world of help for her. here is the email copy she is sending out:


    I need your help--this will take less than 5minutes of your valuable time but it will mean so much to me and my company.

    Please vote for PBN Consulting, LLC. They have a chance to win a $250,000 Small Business Grant from Chase Bank & Living Social.

    The reason I ask that you vote for them is so that I can receive probono "fee of charge" business development and assistance--(Pretty much invaluable service from this well-established, reputable group). In voting for them you are helping me. All they need is 250 online votes to proceed to the next round.

    Here's what I need you to do:

    1. I need you to be logged into your facebook account and then go

    It takes 30 seconds and the opportunity to win this grants positions them to help not only me but other aspiring entrepreneurs in need of such valuable assistance.
    2. Please Click on:
    go to: log on and support on right hand side of screen
    type in: PBN Consulting and SEARCH
    then click: VOTE! and share vote

    every vote counts!!

    3. Email, texted, or call me when you did and tell me the #number of votes it says ..

    thank you guys so so much it ends in 2days so do it as soon as you can!! if you have any trouble call me.

    Thank you,