Need 2 People w/Well Established WaFo Accounts

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    Okay peeps,

    I've got a problem, and I need some help to get things ironed out. I recently had an issue with a client that arose out of a situation completely out of my hands, and now I've got to do some damage control. I'm not going to post the details of everything here, but I'll tell you what I need you to do.

    You should have a WaFo account that has a considerable amount of posts, and some longevity to it. If you've got a bit of reputation over there, it's even better. I'm going to need you to make 1 post on sc* and another on w*rrior*f* I'll give you the content to post and the specific threads, so it should only take a couple of minutes to do.

    I'll be paying $5 to each person via Paypal, and I'll throw in 2 free 500 word articles as well (no adult/gambling/illegal topics).

    Get in touch ASAP, thanks!