Need $1500 in the next 2 weeks, how?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by ludwingenator, Jan 6, 2011.

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    hey people! I am here to hear your advice! I need $1500 for the next 2 weeks urgently! I have a emails list with about 4k double optin subscribers, but to make $1500 I have to sell high and many people on my list are freebies :)...

    Do you have any idea to make this amount? I have $56 in my paypal to invest in really good things to help me achieve this.

    Thank you and hope to hear from you!
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    Unless you can find a very target affiliate to pay you in 1-2 weeks or daily, that will not work. Try to sell some stuff on ebay.

    You don't have much of a chance with only $56 dollar, your skill level, and no knowledge of how to make $1500 in two weeks.
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    Bet on red
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    Dude, search around and you'll probably find about 14235345345344234 threads with the exact same question, lol.

    You'll probably most get nasty answers to this one, but...

    1. Write articles and sell them
    2. Ewhore
    3. Work construction
    4. Provide people with some kind of service, and sell it

    I's like... If I could tell you how to make $56 into $1500 in two weeks, I could tell you how to make $560 into $15,000 in two weeks...there is not just one way.

    What are you good at? What can you do? Don't think you'll make $1500 off a list of 4k emails that are freebies, lol.

    Build a website for a company...easiest money ever, you charge them $1500, pay someone in india $200... But can you sell the idea? Do you have sales skills?

    Can you do SEO? 1500 bucks for a SEO gig is nothing.. I have clients paying 10k a month or more, but I also know how to sell.

    Write an ebook with a method, sell on other forums.

    Do you know ppc? Get a bunch of ppc management clients..

    I don't wanna sound snotty, but I'm just a bit tired of all these "I gotta make tons of cash NOW" threads, especially when there is no background info whatsoever. I mean, what do you expect? Here, take one of my clients...or hey, let me give you one of my money making websites that I spent a ton of time and money working
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    rofl when i saw your username i was most def sure youd say something like "another 'how to make money' thread :rolleyes:"

    but yeah, another 'how to make money' thread :rolleyes:
  6. eBayMafia


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    Real Guerrilla Marketing.

    Find about 6 or 7 good digital products. Purchase good domain names, redirect to your affiliate link.

    Study high converting flyer design, usually attach some kind of "coupon" - doesn't have to actually work.

    Go to some place that won't catch you printing out about 8,000 flyers. Black and white is fine, cheaper the better. I go to a college for this, because I can usually ask around for a free place to "print a couple flyers." Just dont get caught printing so many

    Bribe paper boys or whoever else with $40 or so to put it inside, they don't make shit, so they might do it.

    Deliver weight-loss (now is a great time too!) flyer ads to gym parking lots, grocery store parking lots, and my favorite, high end clothing store parking lots. Low cost digital products convert better, high priced shit sucks. Gas saving digital products at places like Walmart, just use your head. Don't try to sell weightloss at Walmart, their demographics don't match.

    You may need to hire a couple people. Best to not give them all of your details (or payment upfront) - just a number to a prepaid cell phone, and they should be able to help you hand out flyers quickly.

    My experience is about a 2% response rate, which is higher than most people get online. If you are promoting products with a good $17 pay out, you should be able to pull off $1500 after costs.
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  7. JohnnyRabbit

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    1) Buy 56 PVA's (a dollar each)
    2) Get Face-Boom and start adding friends on each account
    3) By week 2 you should have at least 20,000 friends if you add people everyday.
    4) Sell the accounts on BHW for $20 (per 1,000 friends) and you should be set.
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    buying shitty outdoors dirtweed and sell to middleschoolers for 30 a gram..but give them .6 and tell them its 1.2..of course this is just for educational purposes
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