need 14 weebly blogs put together

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    In about a week or so I am going to want someone to set up 14 weebly blogs for me. I am putting together a sample of what I am looking for but, basically, I want a homepage, contact, privacy policy and blog page. I am not looking for original content because I don't care what google thinks of these so I am making this job easy you just have to find content about my keyword (1 per site - so 14 keywords) and copy and paste. One article about the KW on the homepage, and then 5 articles on the blog page - remember you can copy and paste from ezine or something I don't care if the content is original, I just don't want to take the time to do it... so I thought I would hire someone that wants to make some easy cash. I imagine each site should take around 45 minutes (well, that is how long it would take me lol - I am not fast), so about 10 hours of work for me. I was thinking I would pay $100 so it would come to about $10/hour but I am willing to see some bids - if you want the job and can do it for $90 - let me know if you REALLY need some cash - put in an offer for $50...

    remember - I am putting together a sample - which is going to look decent - I don't want cookie cutter. Even though the blogs are going to be all dup content - I still want it to look nice to any visitor that might stop by... I will want the sites/blogs to look very similar to mine if not better (if you are some crazy weebly fanatic lol)

    PM me if you are interested and what you would do this project for, lowest bid will win but, if you are super new and seem shifty I will probably just go with someone else who I think I can trust. Oh yeah - you gotta have paypal too - that is the only thing I have to pay.
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    I was wondering how can an article, copied and copy-pasted from a search engine be unique. Just a query because as you stated that you want unique content but you are giving the writer freedom to copy from any source, I would like to know how is this possible. I am asking this out of curiosity. Thanks
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    Just to clarify for you.