Need 12 Reviewers for My Upcoming 2014 SEO Guide BST


Wow this thing is robust. While you can find information nowadays everywhere, you can waste a lot of time looking for all of your answers, and thus not spending time on your projects. This guide will tell you how to write your content, how to optimize it, and how to do external SEO in a manner that will likely not incur a Google penalty. It's got a lot of other goodies here that I won't spoil in case John is trying to sell it but it's definitely a well written guide for people new to internet marketing and wanting to get started as soon as possible.

Thanks for the opportunity.
I'll take a look if you want one more.
If any room, i would be glad to review your guide.

This eBook packs a lot of information. It definitely needs better formatting and presentation.

The content is very good for someone who is just starting in the SEO field or one who has little experience. It covers all the required topics like content, onpage SEO, onpage SEO analysis, offpage SEO or backlinks, disavowing backlinks, backlinks analysis. Overall, this can serve as a quick manual for newbies which they can refer to from time to time.

Old hands in SEO will most likely do not discover any new things here.
damn, sad I missed out this review copies, but anyway, when do you plan to release it ? What price can we expect ?
Got the review copy i had read the starting 2 pages really its kinda interesting for me to read ahead so i will give my positive review after i read the 44+ pages of e book.

My review: I would really buy this ebook!

I enjoyed reading this ebook, i did not took any breaks from the beginning to the end. I am still a newbie and i struggle to make earn my living in the online world, and i read a lot about seo( threads, books, whitehat, blackhat..etc) and your book is very good.
In my opinion the book is optimal for people who had at least a little experience with SEO and these people won't be bored after reading few pages.
It is good for newbies to , but they need to make a little research to do the job(it is not spoon feeding for them)

What i liked the most at this book is that it is straight to the point and you will not be bored.

What is different from other ebooks/tutorials (and i read a lot of them), is that this book will try to make you understand how google works and think, not just place a link there and there without much explaining, and this could help you discover new and good thing on your own.

10+ from me, I enjoyed every word and i hope it will help me a lot and sorry for my bad english:)
Looking for a maximum of 12 people to review my upcoming ebook on SEO where people will get to learn:

1. Content flow
2. SEO Myths
3. Proper Onpage SEO
3. How to Avoid Negative SEO (Very important)
4. How to Recover a Site from Google Penalty
5. Ways to build genuine backlinks in 2014
6. Finding the right SEO firm/individual for your biz
7. How to build private network
8. Local SEO

PM me your email and i will have it forwarded to you.

Thank you..

If you still need someone to review let me know. I have some extra free time
Would like to help if possible :) Always down to help mate
I know I am a bit late to the party, but I would love to have a look if you have another copy available! Thanks man.
I know I'm probably too late but let me know if you can spare me a copy.
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