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[NEED] 100% (address, photo, credit card) Verified Paypal account

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO Tools' started by undertakernd, Jan 11, 2014.

  1. undertakernd

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    Dec 23, 2012
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    Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Hey there, I'm Nedim and let me tell you my story (Paypal experience).
    I live in a small country in Southeastern Europe that Paypal company doesn't "accept" and has a very high security level for this country. I didn't know that until today.

    A few days ago, I've registered a Personal account on Paypal (with my country, real name, address etc.). Right after creation of the account, my account got limited. The reason ? Credit card. They asked for my credit card info. No problem. I went to the bank and took a brand new MasterCard and successfully confirmed it with Paypal. When I was about to receive some funds to my Paypal account - they didn't appear in my balance. I've contacted Paypal and they told me that I need a VISA card in order to receive my money properly. No problem. I went to another bank, registered another account and took VISA card this time. When I was about to confirm my new VISA card, my account suddenly got limited again. They asked for address proof and credit card confirm. When I tried to confirm my credit card, I immediately get logged out of my Paypal account. When I log back in and try to confirm my card again - the same thing happens. I've contacted Paypal, but without success - I keep getting the same useless replies from them.

    The reason why I need Paypal account is that I have more than $200 on fiverr which I can't spend on gigs (of course), and I need to buy VPS Offshore hosting for my niche - don't want to lose my hard-earned money.
    So the main questions are:

    * Will buying a full Paypal account solve my problem ?

    * Can you recommend a service here on BHW that creates these kinds of accounts ?
    * After earning some bucks on that full Paypal account, will I be able to send those funds to myself (my real Paypal account once I create it) ?

    That's it. Thank you for reading this, now you see what my problem is. I started this thread because I'm looking for some BSTs to help me out and offer me some of their services if they can help me, of course.
    So, that's it - that's my story. Take a lesson from my experience, don't just read this and say: "Wow, this guy is even worse than Bad Luck Brian", because that was something I used to say for a lots of unlucky guys like me here on BHW forum :)
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