Need 10,000 Fans to Facebook Page

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    please give me your quotes for providing the service with terms and conditions listed below.

    * All fans must be real accounts
    * All fans must be accounts with 25 friends or more
    * All fans must be from US Primarily and then Canada Subsidiarily
    * All fans must be 16 and over
    * All fans must have status updates that go back max. 15 days (they should be active)
    * Fans should be approx 60% female.
    * Fans should be interested in sending gifts and doing quizes.
    * MOST IMPORTANT - You must not add fans in a way that will get the page banned or suspended -- there will be no payment if the page is suspended within 14 days of delivery.
    * You must finish the job within 10 days. You will be paid only for the fans you are able to acquire within this time limit.