Nearly giving up

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    If like me your goal is to make money from your blog or online venture,then you don`t need me to tell you that there are a hundred and one ways to go about it.Reading everything that BHW has to offer from all of you,reaping the benefits of all of your knowledge is a tremendous asset to anyones internet marketing future.One thing that i have learnt at last is that we can`t all expect it to happen overnight and when it doesn`t happen it is so easy to lose heart and give up.I thought i had tried just about everything,every possible route to try and make enough money to make it seem worthwhile and yet was getting absolutely nowhere and chances are you have done the same.
    I have come to the conclusion that sooner or later,from all of the mistakes i have made,lessons have been learnt and this eventually must pay off.Many of you who are now earning well from the internet didn`t get there without making a few mistakes along the way,i am sure so i try and take comfort from this.My biggest problem was that you have filled this place with so much good information,i tried to take it all and run but i now realize that i should have taken a little bit and walked.Many thanks to you all,i now don`t look at everything as a disaster or waste of time,we all gotta learn somehow.Sorry for blabbing on a bit.
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    A few mistakes?

    How about a hundred mistakes?

    I make a good living online but if I gave up after a few mistakes, I'd be doing something else for a living.