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Nearly 500 People Fall Victim To ATM Skimming Scam

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by MiLiTARYiV, Oct 31, 2009.

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    NASHVILLE, Tenn. - A warning to the mid-state, using ATM machines could be as dangerous as giving a thief a personal debit card. Police are calling it a nationwide scam.
    Skimming victim Lindsey Payne has gone to the bank hundreds of times before, and she said last week was no different.
    Something happened during her five minute trip that has her steering clear of ATM machines.
    "It's been the biggest ordeal. I've had to miss work to go to the bank to deal with it. I've had to talk to numerous police detectives, and it's been a big hassle and I wouldn't wish it on anybody," said Payne.
    Metro Police are investigating an organized crime ring that's already drained mid-state residents of $85,000. Detectives said nearly 500 debit cards have been compromised after crooks attached skimming devices to area ATM machines.
    The devices copy your the number and the thieves then make duplicates. Police were able to get their hands on pictures of a few suspects from a department store, but no names.
    "They were identified by the clerk as having heavy European accents and then when one of the clerks asked them where they were from one of them spoke up and said 'Romania,'" said Mickey Garner, Metro police.
    Police said the guys have likely moved on to another city, possibly Bowling Green, Ky. and that their next stop will probably be out of state.
    Their advice is to make sure nothing is attached to the ATM before inserting the card. They said it's a lot easier to prevent these crimes than it is to solve them.
    "The best thing to do on this - if you use ATM's frequently and use the same one over and over again and you're familiar with what that ATM looks like, and if the next time you use it, if it looks different back away - go somewhere else," said Garner.
    Metro Fraud officials said European banks have started issuing cards with microchips so that cards can not be skimmed. It's a more expensive method that could make way its way here.