Apr 19, 2014
Dear programmers,

I plan to create a website consisting of several pages. There are a lot of pictures on each page.

I have already created the pages, they are named as the following:

index.htm, page2.htm, page3.htm, page4.htm ...

If I have 50 pages they are named: index.htm, page2.htm, page3.htm ... page49.htm

If I add a new page I will rename the old index.htm to page50.htm and the new page will be named index.htm. So the visitors can see the newest content on the index.htm.

The site has a Navigation-Div, called <div id="navigation"> </div>. What do I have to write in this Navigation-Div to make the navigation like I want it to be?

I would really appreciate your help.
why not use wordpress to create this site, you can rotate your content etc... plus tons of plugins that can help you manage all your pages ...
A small PHP snippet here and there should probably solve everything. You need to explain things a bit more clearly though. You can message me if you want so I can take a look. My skype is repulsorbhw
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