Native German Proofreading, Translation & Free Help

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The "Rates-range in a per word basis" is for NON-memebers; inside the blackhat-community it's free most of the times of course.

If it's not taking too much time, don't worry anyway, I want to help, not make bucks in here.

Just gimme an impression how much it is in total and I can say in what time I can do it - I guess u want to know in what timeframe it could be done.
Hi CookieHunter - Are you still around here?

I have some german language translation for a small site that I would like done
with so many community members from all sorts of places, it might actually be an interesting idea to have a special sub forum, just for requests like this one - i.e. for getting help translating some content. I am sure there are also people who could use with other languages, besides just translating English<->German

What do you think?


Hey superspiderman, when it ain't that much you can PM me the text you need to get translated... Eventhough I'm probably not as good as Cookiehunter, as I am not living in the UK ;)

Kind Regards
Have PM'd you. Need English to German translation for large project.
Not open for further replies.
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