National Career Readiness Certificate?

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    I don't know where to ask for software that isn't on the forum. In downloads I usually see something like this:
    {Get} blackhat software

    I don't know where that is.

    Anyway, the NCRC or National Career Readiness Certificate is a test that shows a date and what level you passed at. This is to demonstrate to employers the level at which you can think practically. So now you don't just show your college degree and the employer doesn't know if you have forgotten everything.
    Or maybe you have no formal training but, your still smarter than most people. This test demonstrates where you are at today. I think it is a little like a civil service exam but, for all employers.

    Does anyone here have the study CD. Or can you tell me of a good torrent site where i might find it. I've tried Demonoid and Biztorrents today 03/11/11.

    Thank you for your consideration

    Additional info:

    The NCRC has 4 levels. Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.
    There are 3 core tests.
    Locating is about reading graphs.

    Because I am unemployed the State of Oregon is paying for my test. If you score low on an exam you can take it one more time after you have studied. So I was hoping to find this as a torrent or something so I can improve my scores. And, since I am unemployed, I was hoping to do it for free by finding it in a torrent somewhere.

    Thanks for your consideration