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May 10, 2012
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Contact, so you can just copy-paste it:
I No Longer Use Skype
Gmail - nargil13(at)gmail(dot)com

Domain List Can Be Downloaded Here - https://nargil.info/premium.xlsx

Subscribe to my email list to stay updated and get bigger discounts - https://nargil.info/subscribe

Domain list is updated every Monday and Thursday. Contact me for more details and full domain names.

BST was edited on: 8th November 2016 - I was forced to lower the trust flow by one point due to the recent Majestic update. Instead of providing just TF10+ and TF15+ domains, I've also added TF5+ and TF19+. I have also added "referring domain add-ons" to evaluate the domains properly. All the questions are answered in the FAQ section above.

BST was edited on: 16th January 2017 - I have added the option to purchase premium domains and email list subscription. I have also added premium and regular list with metrics and niches for download.

BST was edited on: 14th December 2019 - I have raised the prices of regular domains due to low supply and discontinued Skype for new clients.

BST was edited on: 9th October 2022 - Regular domains have been removed from the sales thread. It's just the premium auction domains from now on.
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Good luck with sales Nargil, was impressed with your expired tumblrs I'm sure these are just as good. If theres a review copy or discount going then let me know.
REVIEW: (I did NOT receive a free review copy for this review, but I have been doing business with Nargil for a while and using his PBN domains exclusively. This is an honest review.)

I have been getting my domains from Nargil since December. All but one domain was indexed after Registration, and that one domain Nargil gave me for free and told me the history was questionable.

Always great to work with, Nargil is my go - to domain guy and I no longer go anywhere else. I do not scrape myself anymore because Nargil does it better and quicker than I can.

Back link profiles on the many domains I have received (At least 75 so far in my current PBNs) I always get a mixture of low OBL Do - Follow Links with some decent link juice combined with a clean anchor profile and history. Nargil also avoids sites with a bunch of links or site wide links from a single domain, and I think only a couple of the domains I received had site wide links but they were in combination with other low OBL Do - Follow links.

A + for sure. I have not bought a domain from someone else in quite a while.
Thank you everyone for nice words. :)

I will be giving away 10x TF15+ domains as a review copy for users with at least 400 posts.

And thank you for the best wishes and nice words everyone! :)
Hey Nargil ! Good looking sales thread (!) ;) . If you have a domain in the espresso beans or music niche i'll take one as a review copy. If not, i'll pas sand let someone have one. Good luck with sales.. Wish you the best !
Count me in on the review copy! :)
Damn, so many messages, thank you! I will get to everyone one by one. Just give me a while please. :)
I have used Nargil on purchasing over 20 domains now, all of which have been more then satisfying.

All of them have been TF15+(Some up to 26) with over 15 RF, with a few having up to 90.

I have been able to specifically order certain TLD's and Niches with him!

100% Recommend.


Good luck with sales!
Interested a few sample before buying...
Can i request custom niche?
4 review copies left :)

Interested a few sample before buying...
Can i request custom niche?

Yes, you can request a custom niche, but it can take up to 7 days, unless I have the niche domain already in stock. I will send you a pm shortly. :)
Count me in for a review copy if you have any spots left. Thanks
Count me in if you offer any reviews. Bookmarked for later.


As you can see, about 5 hours ago I requested a review copy from Nargil. Me and him have since discussed some custom orders I am planning to place and I am most likely going to use him as my PBN domain provider for a long time. Now, I just got my PBN domain and I was really satisfied with the amount of quality backlinks it had. The metrics were TF17 and CF22. I do not rely on metrics, but the backlinks it had were great as well. They were all pointing from strong sites. The history were also clean, so the domain have not been used to spam prior to this.

As explained above, I am about to place a bulk order on more domains for my upcoming PBN and I look forward to see the other domains! I would highly recommend Nargil - he is quick, cheap and does it properly. Thank you! :)
I will grab one review copy if left.

Willing to Make Money Site in Tech Niche. I don't need it for PBNs.

Just let me know
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