NameCheap $0.98 .com/.net/.org Coupon

Yeah, ive been waiting a day before buying anymore domains to see if they would come out with anything.

From the home page it starts at 12:00 PM EST.

Only for 2000 "usages" though. Whats 1 usage? 1 customer? 1 domain (I doubt that)?
Hopefully it will be for 2000 people to order as many domains as they like.

I'm in for 50 domain anyway, so $50 is just a wee bit better than $500!

Starts at 9am for me, so no sleeping in - probably a good thing!

Best a luck to all buying, just dont crash their servers before I get my domains!

It's almost over? Get in now. Just grabbed mine.

But they'll have another one in Monday, I guess.
Thanks for the "domainblast" code.

I gave it a try for 50 domains. Took my total from about $560 to $550

Looks like 1 domain/customer. Feck.

Will wait to 12EST to see if the it will give more then. Doubt it though.
Try hostgator or namesilo

I had a look at namesilo and for 50 its $8.59/domain

I got an email for the hostgator promos (Ive got 4 shared hosting already).

I might buy a 5th shared - if I can buy the 50 domains on top of that.

They are doing a special for $1.95/domain AS long as you buy hosting, although I dont know if they have a limit on domains.

Going to crash for now. Will check namecheap in the morning and if that doesnt workout, then go with hostgator.

Got a domain. I think people need to plan their domains, to be cost effective. Not all MNS make money, buying domain during promotions like this allows you to be more profitable !
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