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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by trizzypballr, May 10, 2012.

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    I want to start by saying I am a n00b, only in IM a little over 4 months. You might have just read my other thread about getting my site crushed by Penguin.

    I got a $100 Adwords coupon in the mail today from Google, and I realize this can help me bring visitors to one of my sites, but ive never used Adwords before and Im not to sure how to decide which site I should use it for.

    Im assuming it would be dumb to use it to bring traffic to an adsense site, so I have 2 options with amazon sites that I have. Both are very new sites. One is about 3 weeks old, targeting a product to do with outdoor sports, reviewing 7 products in that niche, all $100+ products. My site just recently dropped from its honeymooning, I was getting 50+ uniques a day to it before its honeymooning ended, and was getting about 20% of them to amazon, but didnt make any actual sales.

    My second site I just created last week, its another amazon site, targeting an indoor home product. 5 products being reviewed on it currently. Its beginning to start its climb up during its honeymoon, but hasnt climbed high enough yet to know what kind of percent of uniques threw to amazon, or how well it will do with sales.

    Both of these sites are Jan Roos style sites. Any tips on how to decide which to use this coupon to promote? Realistically im kinda tight on cash so im trying to make sure to utilize my resources the best possible. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!
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    before even using that voucher and dipping your toes into the world of PPC I suggest you read "the definitive guide to google adwords" It may be shared here, if not go to the pirate bay. I'm still seeding it.

    I wish I'd stumbled upon it way earlier. Mostly baisc stuff but some gems in there have seen my CTR and ROI go thru the roof.

    It probably doesn't matter which site you use as that voucher should be used to learn with anyway.