Mystery with all my lHostGator primary and add-on domain rankings lost same day

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    Hi, So, I have 3 Baby account hosting plans with Hostgator with each plan having its own dedicated IP. Many of the add-on and primary domains had achieved Google page 1 rankings. I'm very diligent about not inter-linking these sites and conducting niche-related backlink campaigns for unique backlink footprints. However, within each HostGator Baby Plan, the primary and add-on domains share an IP. Yesterday, ALL of my rankings disappeared across all these domains. I cannot find them anywhere in the first 10 pages of search results. What is even more suspicious is that it happened across all 3 HostGator accounts. The sites are still up when I visit them and even indexed as evidenced by a site: Google search. So, when I called HostGator they checked the server logs and found no errors, viruses or signs of any hacking. In fact, the Google bot hasn't visited my primary domains for over a month. I use GetClicky instead of Google Webmaster tools or Analytics to keep most of my site stats more private. HostGator's only response was for me to contact Google at this point which I'm trying to avoid to stay off their radar. 1) Does anyone have any suggestions or advice for how I should proceed? 2) Should I be considering using HostGator's SEO Hosting Plan to separate each add-om domain onto its own C-Class IP? That would add about $150 to my monthly hosting bill 3) What effect does changing a website's IP have on it's ranking? Any Advice Appreciated