MySpace Username/PW Script?


Mar 23, 2009
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Somebody wanted to sell me one for 400 bucks and that's way too much. Can somebody help me out with this? Somebody changed my username and password and I cant access my account anymore to play my apps. I'd like to find out who did it and deal with them. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
It's impossible.

You can't "hack" myspace accounts... You probably got phished or keylogged. You might be able to recover it through some recovery questions or by contacting myspace.
or why not just reset the password lol.... dont think youd be able to change the email but if you could they would confirm with the old one first.... because even myspace would be smart enough and realise this could happen.

But anyway.... dont lie.... fair obvious u wanna try hack someones account lol :p
best bet to do is contact myspace and pray they reply.

I would not pay to have someone retrieve your account as its nearly impossible to hack Myspace.

so best bet, contact myspace

Even if you try to get someone to hack it, they'll be bruteforcing or in other words, trying each and every password from a wordlist until it works.

It's HIGHLY unlikely that someone who phished or keylogged your account is going to be using a simple password that you could find on a wordlist.

Is the account worth getting back? that is the first thing should think of lol. $400 to retrieve a myspace account back when you could just easily create another one or even buy another one for cheap.
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