Myspace Robo Adder v1.1 w/ download link

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    Myspace Robo Adder v1.1

    Friend Requester

    Send as many friend requests as you want, or specify a number to stop at for peace of mind. You can also send an introductory message along with your friend request, to increase the chances of it being accepted!

    Accept Friend Requests

    Seeing as you can now potentially get hundreds of new friend requests every day, there should be a feature to accept all of these automatically, right? Well now you can do so in seconds, and at the same time you can send a message or comment to your new friends!


    You can automatically send as many messages as you specify, or just let it run until MySpace says you have reached your daily limit! If you choose to, Space Station can place a small link below the message that sends readers directly to your "add as a friend" page!


    Automatically send comments to all your friends! Send seperate comments for friends that don't allow HTML comments!

    Bulletin Poster

    You can automatically post a bulletin at specified time intervals, to prevent the bulletin boards from flooding over.

    Event and Group Invites

    Now you can automatically send Event or Group invites to all your friends with one click of the button. If you were to do this manually in MySpace it would take you days! For event invites you also have the option to only send to those friends in a specific location.

    Free updates and support

    All future updates can be downloaded free of charge!

    Unlimited accounts

    Most MySpace bots out there require you to buy a licence for each of your MySpace accounts you want to use. Space Station allows you to use as many accounts as you want, no extra fee!

    - Use with UNLIMITED accounts!
    - FREE updates and support for life
    - Disable images to increase speed
    - Extract ID's from any page on
    - Google search
    - Import/Export ID's to text file
    - Send friend requests, messages, comments, bulletins
    - Send bulletins at timed intervals
    - Auto-event and -group invites
    - Send message/comment after auto-accepting
    - Keep track of actions sent per session
    - Chaining: automatically continue to next account when finished
    - Extract only "online now" profiles

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    Thanks A Lot
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    wait....before i even bother, the post keeps referring to space station. Is this a download for space station? If it is, that bot is d-e-a-d and has been since about March.