Myspace: Mad Wife,Midgets and rainbow widgets

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    Just recently found this forum, and have been reading everything I can. I have quite a few questions, so bear with me or move along.
    For the following scenario, I am forced to use the dreaded "widget"- one thing I have learned from reading here is if you find something that works, don't tell, or everyone will be doing it. So I apologize in advance for the widgiting. :)

    So here is my story in a nutshell. I work for a company that produces rainbow widgets. I made a deal with the owner that I get 10% of every widget sale I can make,plus .05 for every widget I make. (average order is around $300 but have had a feww $3000 sales) I found a lucrative market on myspace, not for rainbow widgets, but for (lets call them) blue widgets. Initially I had set up one account and concentrated on adding friends. (I found that using the search feature on myspace and the friend ID gathering feature on Friendblaster, I can laser target "blue widget consumers" Used friendblaster posted bulletins, had a decent response. I learned from reading here that it would be better to set up many accounts. So I set up 20 accounts, pimped them all out made them look legit (want them to be around for awhile). Had the best response when I added a personal message with each request basically saying "hey I notice that you consume blue widgets- would you care to buy some?) but the constant captcha codes were tedious and painfully slow.
    So basically until there is some kind of captcha bypass I feel I am doing all I can on the myspace front (please correct me if I am wrong)
    So aside from marketing on myspace, what other options should I consider?
    Keep in mind that I am flat broke and new to all of this. Some of the options I have been considering: Make my own rainbow widget page and try to get it listed high via articles perhaps something like blogsolution etc. Write a blog detailing what I am doing as well as rant about how pissed my wife is because I "play for hours on the computer"(ARGHH!) Monetize it with adsense (as rainbow widgets are quite competitive) and put a "Donate" button on the bottom and beg for donations to make my wife STFU. (lol)
    The main thing is I want to squeeze every cent out of this because if I do it right, it should be a stable source of income.
    Anyway, looking for some feedback, suggestions,flames - pretty much anything would be appriciated.
    Oh yeah- My contribution: A good title will get your post read- everyone loves midgets (it got you to read this didn't it?)

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    I think the best part of this points was "everyone loves midgets", lol. Might make a good show ala everybody loves raymond