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    I really love going back to old methods and putting my own twist to see if i can resurrect them somehow :) The reason for that is people usually move on to new ventures like fb and increase the competition while someone else dominates whats left because of weak competition.

    Therefore, i wanted to test an old method that was posted on here years ago, with a little twist of course. After two months, this simple method was able to bring me enough down payment for a brand new car! And now, its yours to investigate.

    You dont have to spend any money if you are tight on a budget but you will need some hosting space for content blocking. I suggest to use your own content blocker rather than using a content blocker network. There are three important reasons for this:

    1) This will make you much more flexible with the offers because you can pretty much choose any network you think it will be suitable.

    2) Lets admit it. Content blocking networks got spoiled recently and started coming up with new rules and regulations and banning people left and right with little to no explanation sometimes. Having your own content blocker will give you the frwedom to blend your myspace traffic with other traffic and as long as you cover your tracks, you should fly under the radar.

    3) Sifting thru lots of different network offers will increase your conversions because of the variety.

    If you already have an account with a content blocker network (cbn from now on) then you can go ahead and use them still but make sure you talk this with your am first and get an ok to prevent any unpleasent results.

    For this guide, i will use the example of using your own blocker because that's how i did this. Besides of the blocker, you will need a domain name to use. Good news is, you actually dont need to buy one because it works better this way :) I will explain why in a minute. Ready? Let's go!

    Get an account from mysp or just use one of your dummies. Dont worry about friends or how your profile looks because we want this to look as real as possible. No friends, white fresh profile works like a charm :) because we want them to think that the pm is coming from someone who knows the victim in real life thus trying to hide his/her identity :)

    Now login to ms and click on browse to find people. You should always look for people not older than early thirties. That worked the best in my experience. As status, select "in relationship" we dont need singles or married people for this method. People should have some personal privacy to provoke suspicion. Some gap. Married people dont have this luxury in general.

    Now you can choose any location doesnt matter but try to look for low income people who are not very good with technology :) The chance of a tech geek who lives in silicon valley biting this is slim to none :)

    Now thousands of profiles who are low income, in a relationship between age 18-29 should be in front of you. Start sifting through the profiles one by one and mark the ones that you think appropriate. It's not hard to understand who is the girl friend and getting her name since there will be commenting back and corth and common pictures taken in the photo album ex "Kate and me new years eve 2010"

    Get all those profiles (100 at least) and take your notes. I know this is a little bit work but it wont take more than 2 hours for 100 profiles. Sorry but no pain no gain :) Now prepare your website and put anything to block. Any random picture or video will do because they wont see it anyway :)

    Domain name should be something related with "revenge". revengeissweet or something like that will do. we want them to think you are an enemy taking a revenge. do not, i repeat do not make it anythingook fancy! the shittier, the better. Who would bother making a great page or buying a domain name to do such a thing, right? So act accordingly.

    Now we need some offers. This is the most important part. The part that determines a win from a loss. DO NOT BE GREEDY and put a premium survey offer that will take hours to complete. It should not take more than 5 minutes. The sooner, the better. You dont want them to wake up during the process and realize something is not right. If you do what i say, you will get CRAZY CONVERSIONS i promise you. Just get volume and you will reap the benefits.

    Now let's complete the picture. In my experience, guys converted much better than girls. I dont know why. So i suggest doing split testing to see which one is working better for you. In the message title, write something like "Hey retard this is about...", "Hey, idiot This is about..." Just insult him :) This will sky rocket the opening rate :D For the ... you put the girl's name of course.

    In the body, write something like " You didnt deserve her anyway. I always wondered what she was doing with such a loser like you.

    Good that now she is CHEATING ON YOU with Jason. Too bad its not me she is cheating on you with.

    You want proof? Here it is (your link)

    Astalavista assshole!"

    Something like that. Dont use it word for word and use your own words. You can also figure out his best buddy's name to use instead of jason, to make it look like more real. But its not a must.

    You can also promote some pron hidden cam video stuff with this instead of surveys. It's up to your imagination. I tried with surveys and it worked like a charm. They rush to the site and fill out the survey asap to see the proof :)

    You can set the blocker to 5 minutes if you want or you can be evil and never reveal whats behind it :D its up to you. I set it to 5 minutes and wrote something like " If you don't trust her, then you dont deserve her. Take this as a lesson and dont believe everything you hear :)" Never got a complaint from a network.

    This is it. As long as your surveys are short and you make it believable, you will make money. People are paranoid but your success depends on how you sell it. Dont be greedy, pay attention to detail and you will be just fine. Do not forget to cover your tracks just to be safe. Dont over spam. Do it right, or your cpa network may ban you if mysp complains you. I wont accept any responsibility whatsoever. Take it or read it and just leave it :) Thanks...
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