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Myspace EZ Commenter Bot

Discussion in 'Misc' started by pacman0r, May 4, 2007.

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  1. pacman0r

    pacman0r Newbie

    May 4, 2007
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    EZ Commenter - Blast the Walls!

    This commenter was in the works for almost 2 months beta testing to get everything working, and now (as of yesterday) it is fully complete.

    What you will get is the best commenter I believe on the market today, fully multi-threaded multi-socketed support. More than half the price of our competitors. 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. Don't miss out, the myspace train is still boarding, get on board before its too late!

    Status Reports detailing:
    • what comments are actually sending
    • which are failing or skipped
    • which are waiting to be approved.
    I will be selling for a mere $75 on here and a few other places before the actual website for our programs (We also have an account creator that is nearly completed.. I will keep you posted) are finished. That price will go up to $150 depending on our market analysis, which is still a bargain when you compare it to other comment bots out there going for $200-300.

    You can run as many instances of EZ Commenter as your computer will allow. (I managed 22) So with this you are able to effectively comment multiple accounts in a very short period of time.

    • http://img165.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=67185_ss2_122_388lo.JPG
    • http://img162.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=65660_ss1_122_454lo.JPG

    If you have any other questions or concerns shoot me a PM.
  2. linxty

    linxty Newbie

    May 3, 2007
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    Looks promising, but aside from the multi threading capability, it looks like several others out there. Do you have a demo version?
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