Myspace accounts


Oct 17, 2008
I am interested in purchasing myspace accounts that are at least a week old. Not worried about number of friends, but they should be verified and gmail,yahoo or hotmail emails.

As per my other posts still have my own personal myspace availble!

over 16,000 friends slowly added over time (no bots or marketing done on the account)

over 37,000 profile views very active account , mainly US people added but also aload of UK people

offers via pm
how much do you pay for accounts with no friends that are 1 week or older?
pm me the price
I think this might suit the Want to Buy Section better.

Also would you like the email that was used to sign up for the account?
i have a few but forget the passwords...may look into my other email accounts for them--what kind of price mate?
I got 50 accounts that are between 4 months-1 year old and have at least 50 friends each
I'm looking to buy some MySpace accounts so anyone with accounts available please PM me with details and price. cheers
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