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My Youtube video got removed... But I've got no idea why..

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by diceball4ever, Jan 13, 2014.

  1. diceball4ever

    diceball4ever Junior Member

    Oct 8, 2013
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    Hey guys.

    I had a youtube video which was ranking on youtube top 3 for a good keywords, plus top 10 for an extremely high traffic keyword. It was a complete in-depth review of a product, and I spent a lot of money on that video. I hired someone to do the review. The script was mine and I owned everything in the video. I was getting lots of good comments naturally from my viewers and everything was going great. However, just right now I went to my Youtube channel and saw that my youtube was showing twice on my channel. The original one was there (the one with the rankings and all), and then there was the same video again but with no stats and showing that it was uploaded today. How could even a 100% same video get uploaded on Youtube channel twice? I didn't know why it was showing twice so I removed the one with no views or anything. But it was then that I saw that my original video has a exclamation mark (in a red box) below it). In front of the box it says "Rejected (Video Copied). How the fuck could it be copied? I searched all over youtube to see if someone intentially re-uploaded my video as their own and then flagged mine, but I found nothing. So could it have to do anything with that second instance of the same video showing on my channel?? Idk why this happend, but this was a really important video for me and I had put in a lot of cash and time in it. It was over 11 minutes of a complete in-depth review of the product, and was the only source of income I had these days (I uploaded it like 14 days ago). It was an error in their stupid system that my video started showing up twice somehow on my channel, and then my original video got marked as Copied. I checked my email inbox, and there was no notification. Also, no notification on youtube account either, just that fackin symbol in front of the video.

    I don't get how could that even happen? I'm really confused (and sad too) right now. What should I do guys?
  2. TheHound

    TheHound Registered Member

    Dec 17, 2013
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    Student/Disabled Veteran/Father
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    I have had this same issue lately. I LITERALLY printed off the community Guidelines and read them while I was making my video, before and after as well just to make sure. Posted my video and had it run for anywhere between, 2 hours and 2 weeks depending. I noticed that the better your video is in a particular market area or if it seems to cut into anyone elses pokets to deep or they feel it is They will report you. All it takes is one person to flag you and be pissed for no reason to screw you for two weeks on the TUBE. It really sucks to because I spam reported a guy who kept reposting his links on my video page trying to draw customers, I asked him politely to stop before I reported the spam and well he kept doing it and then MY VIDS got pulled.

    LONG story short, if you poke someone with a stick to hard on the Tube and their feeling get hurt......Your videos are probably gonna get flagged and pulled whether there is anything wrong with them or not. I even appealed my explaining my points and they didnt hear it. ALL the while there are 8 BILLION videos explaining the same thing that ARE STILL up. But my was somehow magically spam. Dunno....better luck next time and repost it when your suspension is up.